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Targeted Care at Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical Center

We're pleased to announce that we have implemented the Targeted Care program to better service our beneficiaries. Targeted Care matches individuals seeking care with the appropriate support. Targeted Care allows providers to more efficiently use existing mental health resources to meet current demands. With Targeted Care, beneficiaries are connected to the most appropriate resource to support their needs. This allows them to have the best course of care.

Examples of support include making an appointment with a Mental Health or Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) provider. This support can also include connecting beneficiaries to non-medical support such as Military and Family Life Counselors, chaplains, Military OneSource, etc.

Individuals who are matched with clinically appropriate services within the Mental Health Clinic may attend group therapy sessions that meet their needs. Individual therapy within the Mental Health Clinic also remains an option as clinically appropriate—no one will be turned away or denied specialty care that wants it.

How it Works

The goal of Targeted Care is to:
  • Increase readiness through ensuring that beneficiaries are offered the best resource to match their presenting concerns.
  • Increase access to care, and
  • Reduce wait times

Targeted Care FAQs

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