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Health Promotion Operations


The mission of Health Promotion Operations (HPO) is to promote tobacco-free living, nutritional fitness, physical fitness and healthy weight for the Nellis and Creech community.

We offer several programs and services focused on these target areas. By referral or upon individual request, members may be evaluated for the appropriate program best suited for them and their wellness needs. 

Health Promotion Operations Programs

The programs listed in this page are available to all active duty, beneficiaries and civilian employees.


On request, HPO personnel are available to brief your squadron on a variety of health, fitness and nutrition topics.

Tobacco Cessation Resources

Hotlines and Websites

Other Interventions

Contact PCM for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or Pharmacologic Intervention.
If still using tobacco products after using the above services/meds, contact Primary Care Behavior Health (PCBH) for further intervention.

Classes and Services

Contact Us




7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


3705 Freedom Circle
Building 1705, Room 122
Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada 89191

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Additional Information

For additional nutrition needs not addressed here, please contact the Nutritional Medicine Clinic.
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