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The Las Vegas Military-Civilian Partnership (MCP) is the largest and most integrated in the country.  This partnership combines the integration of military medics into the local civilian health care infrastructure and care provided at the Level III Trauma Center at Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center (MOMMC).  It was designed to develop and sustain critical life-saving skills for military medical personnel in all aspects of expeditionary medicine, while also supplementing local health care services.  The Office of Military Medicine (OMM) was created as a centralized coordinating authority to actively manage community partnerships and programs that support medical readiness.


Medics integrate into local organizations to ensure medical skill readiness. OMM is partnered with organizations such as:


Readiness/Trauma Acclimation & Proficiency Refresh (REAPR)

The REAPR program allows military medical personnel to rotate with local ground and air ambulance companies to gain clinical experience and proficiency training in trauma, acute emergency, and non-emergency care. Air Force medical specialists are allowed to work to their full scope alongside experienced staff to care for injured civilian patients. This experience replicates expeditionary conditions and provides valuable knowledge that can be returned to MOMMC. If you are interested in participating in the REAPR program, please contact us or reach out to your flight leadership.

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