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What is Electronic Prescribing?

Electronic prescribing allows civilian doctors to send prescriptions electronically to our Nellis Air Force Base pharmacy.
Did you know you can get your prescriptions from civilian doctors filled at our pharmacy, even if you are not enrolled to this facility? You can fill prescription from doctors outside of this facility, for free, if the prescription is available on the Basic Core Formulary.

Why should I e-Prescribe?

It’s Safe and Efficient

e-Prescribing is the best way to keep your personal health information is safe. You can reduce the chance of transcription errors, losing your prescription, and need for doctor clarification when you choose e-Prescriptions. e-Prescriptions are transmitted securely from your doctor’s office to the pharmacy.

Convenient and Cost Saving

You can save time and wait times when you use e-Prescriptions. You can also take advantage of $0 copayment when you pick up your prescription from your military pharmacy.

How can I choose e-Prescribing?

It’s easy. Start by having your provider send to:
  • Pharmacy Name: DoD Nellis Air Force Base ePhcy
  • Pharmacy NPI: 1942616057
  • Pharmacy Zip Code: 89191
You can also transfer prescriptions from a network pharmacy to a military pharmacy. Call the Nellis Satellite Pharmacy at 702-653-CARE (2273), Option 4, Option 1, Option 3 or message us via MHS Genesis Portal at Nellis Pharmacy.

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