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Family Advocacy Program

The mission of the Air Force Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is to build healthy communities through implementing programs and policies designed for the prevention/treatment of domestic abuse and child abuse and neglect.


Couples Class

This class is designed to help couples by building on their existing strengths. Couples will work jointly and individually to bring greater awareness to important life, relationship, and communication skills in an effort to increase overall marital satisfaction, romantic love, sexual intimacy and more.

Dad’s Class

This class is for expectant dads and dads with babies up to six months old. Learn how to be an involved father and how to manage stress during and after the pregnancy. Learn how to manage deployments and parenting issues.

Change Step Men’s Group

Education about physical and verbal aggression, power and control, boundaries and communication styles is the focus of these groups. Attendance by referral only.
  • Wednesdays

Coping with Separation & Divorce

For anyone currently going through a separation. Topics include emotional responses, communication and co-parenting. 
  • Class schedule is flexible and offered each quarter.

No More Silence Victim's Survivors Group

This group addresses issues such as effective communication, relationship effectiveness, domestic violence and boundaries. Attendance by referral only.

Active Parenting of Teens

Learn how to increase communication with your teen, get direction with discipline and gain insight into today’s teen issues.
  • Offered quarterly

Parenting with Love and Logic

Learn skills to make parenting fun & rewarding while achieving healthy, respectful relationships with your children.
  • Offered quarterly

Anger & Stress Management

Learn to deal with stress and anger by identifying and managing triggers and increasing self-awareness.
  • Wednesdays

Personalized Classes & Tune-Ups

Is there a topic that you feel would bring value to service members and their families? Family Advocacy will bring classes or course content to you through 20 minute tune-ups! Please call to discuss the possibilities!

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