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Hearing Conservation

We promote individual worker accountability when exposed to hazardous noise on and off duty. We identify all areas where workers are exposed to hazardous noise and we work to reduce exposure thorough controls and personal protective equipment.

We serve both service members and civilian personnel requiring an audiogram. We provide services to workers exposed to hazardous noise exposure, requiring annual physical health assessments, various flight physicals, retirements and separations, deployments, temporary duty assignments and permanent change of station, as needed.

If you are seeking a hearing test to fulfill your annual Preventative Health Assessment (PHA) and Hearing Conservation requirements, please contact Public Health (a referral to Audiology is not needed).

Clinical Services

We provide diagnostic and rehabilitative services for hearing and vestibular disorders for active duty service members. Additionally, we collaborate with the Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Clinic and the Las Vegas VA Medical Center, we evaluate and fit implantable devices such as Cochlear Implants and Bone Anchor Hearing aids. Referral required from primary care manager (PCM).

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