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Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

What is the EFMP?

The EFMP is a program offered by each service to support families with special medical and educational needs throughout the service member’s career. Family members should enroll in EFMP when a qualifying condition is diagnosed. Each branch has its own EFMP and enrollment process.

EFMP family support services are available at your installation. The family support services team is your main point of contact for EFMP information.

They can connect you with:
  • Military Support Services and Resources
  • Community Support Services and Resources
The family support services team can also answer specific EFMP questions based on your branch or installation.

Contact a Representative

To find an EFMP representative, visit the Military Installations website.

If you are overseas, contact the TRICARE Area Office (TAO) Director at 1-888-777-8343 and choose the menu option for your overseas area.

Air Force EFMP

The Air Force Exceptional Family Member Program is designed to provide support to military family members with special needs. All branches of the military offer EFMP. Learn more about the Exceptional Family Member Program.

EFMP-M support services include:

  • Connections to medical and educational resources
  • Reassignment assistance with documents through Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC)
  • Deployment Deferment waiver assistance
  • Nurse case management referrals

EFMP-Family Support

EFMP-Family support services are available at your installation. The family support services team can assist and connect you with:

  • Military support services and resources
  • Respite care services for caregivers 
  • Assistance with education needs
  • Low cost loans and grants     
  • No cost EFMP family activities

When to Enroll

You may enroll into the EFMP at any time. At Nellis, it is best to enroll before PCSing. PCSing can be a stressful time, and adding enrollment during this time may cause delays.

Before You PCS

As soon as you receive your assignment notification, start a questionnaire on the Family Vector website.

The website will prompt you on the next steps and if clearance of dependents through EFMP is needed before getting orders to PCS.

The process can take 8 and 10 weeks or longer. This depends on if additional medical documentation is required from off-base providers.

Contact EFMP-M at Nellis Air Force Base

Please e-mail the EFMP Organizational Inbox at if you have enrollment questions or concerns. The EFMP-M team can also assist you with any medical or educational needs.



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For Nellis Air Force Base EFMP Office please email:

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